Bill Cushard Host:
Bill Cushard
Head of Training

 Thought Leader:
Sarah Bedrick
Certifications Program Leader

You know education is important to your customers. You know this because support frequently reminds you that customers are calling about the same issues time and time again, services team members chaulk up high customer churn to lack of education, and finally because your customers are asking for (ok, demanding) training

So, in order to give customers what they want and need, you develop awesome training programs that solve their needs all while solving for the business. You put up a schedule on your website, tell your team members about the upcoming trainings, and then no one signs up. 

What happened? 

Why aren't customers signing up when they are telling you that they want it? All that work now seems wasted.

Training professionals are great at identifying training needs, developing programs that address those needs, and then delivering those programs. Although, training professionals are not necessarily great at promoting their trainings. 

In order to be successful, we need to get good at marketing our training programs to customers. It helps the customer become more successful, turning them into a brand advocate. And it helps us alleviate the pressure to increase "cheeks in seats" and training sells. 

This is where being good at marketing comes in.

To help us become better at marketing our training, we have brought in a secret weapon. Sarah Bedrick, the HubSpot Certifications Program Leader for Customer Training and Education. Sarah will join us to discuss strategies and tactics we can use to get the word out to our customers about our training, how good it is, and in a way that inspires customers to sign up.

About Our Guest

Sarah Bedrick is one of the three founding members of the HubSpot Academy team and currently leads the charge for HubSpot's Certifications product. Sarah comfortably straddles two seemingly disparate worlds as a cross between customer education specialist and product manager. When she's not educating customers, she shares her extensive knowledge of cooking with and enjoying beer as the founder and chief blogger at The Girls Guide to Beer (created with the HubSpot CMS, of course!)

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Recorded Tuesday, Feb. 9