Bill Cushard Speaker:
Bill Cushard
Head of Training

Frederick Mendler Guest:
Frederick "Suizo" Mendler

Most technology certification programs rely primarily on multiple choice examination as a means for demonstrating knowledge of a technology domain. While a multiple choice exam can test comprehension and knowledge of a subject, it does not allow a participant to demonstration the ability to apply what one knows.

This is the problem with most certification programs and why technology enthusiasts, visionaries, and innovators have less than positive things to say about today's technical certifications. 

There is a solution: The performance-based certification exam.

According to Frederick Mendler, Co-Founder and CEO of TrueAbility, "There is a growing dependence on certifications as a means of determining the level of expertise of IT professionals. It is critical that modern certification and training afford an objective and comprehensive means for skilled users to demonstrate true ability. Performance-based certification and training promotes putting the technical professionals in a real-work environment, so that they may 'show what they know, by showing what they can do.'"

Join Bill Cushard, Head of Training at ServiceRocket, as he interviews Frederick "Suizo" Mendler, Co-Founder and CEO of TrueAbility, about the topic of performance-based certification, what it is, why it is superior to traditional multiple choice certification exams, and how to do them right. Learn how to take your certification programs to the next level and ensure customers know your technology.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why technology companies should consider building certification exams (benefits for the company and for customers).

  • What is a performance-based exam and how it differs from a standardized multiple choice exam.

  • Why performance-based exams have not been adopted in IT.

  • How to get started building performance-based exams.

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