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How to Create Performance-based Certification for Software

Certifications are a crucial aspect in the world of technology today. Not only can certifications ensure that customers are able to use software effectively, they also provide a system of distinguishing between various levels of knowledge. The problem with most certification programs is that they do not necessarily "test" or otherwise provide validation for making sure people have the skills and/or the right level of skill needed to get the most out of the software they are using. Customer education professionals should consider the different methods of assessments, including the performance-based certification, to ensure the certifications they provide are most effective.

This webinar is a follow-up to the one we recorded on October 6, 2015 entitled The Value of Performance-based Certifications, Frederick “Suizo” Mendler, CEO of TrueAbility.

Performance_Testing_Council.jpgThis time, in addition to Suizo, we're joined by Judy Hale, certification expert and author of the book Performance-Based Certification: How to design a valid, defensible, cost-effective program, and Rich Raposa, Certification Manager at Hortonworks, as we dive into what it takes to create a performance-based certification program. 

A performance-based assessment is a testing method that places users in an environment that emulates on the job tasks and captures a wide spectrum of candidate ability and comprehension. There are a lack of resources available explaining how to design and launch a performance-based certification program. Suizo and Judy are set to publish a white paper How to Create a Performance-based Certification Program for Software and Technology, which will delve into relevant research on the subject of designing and launching a certification program.

In this webinar, we will cover the key concepts from the white paper, and help customer education leaders understand the why and how of creating and delivering effective performance-based certification programs to customers.

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