Bill Cushard Speaker:
Bill Cushard
Head of Training

Peter_Bell_GitHub.jpeg Guest:
Peter Bell
GitHub Trainer
GitHub Training

Most technology trainers, especially in the enterprise software training market, has experienced teaching a course in which there are students that didn't think they need to be there or do not know why they are in the training course or otherwise think they are too smart to be in the class. Sometimes, they make their opinion known loudly and clearly. There is debate in the software community about the value of software training, and this debate is exemplified in a Ship Show Podcast episode called "Training: Vapid or Valuable?"

Wherever people fall on this debate, software training is not going away. Software trainers not only need to be up on their technical skills, but also experts in facilitating discussions, handling challenging students, and address questions about why training is important.

In this webinar, Bill Cushard from ServiceRocket sits down with Peter Bell from GitHub to discuss how training can be designed and delivered for customers who do not think they need training. 

About the Guest

Peter Bell is a veteran teacher who brings a Ruby on Rails and ColdFusion background to in-person classrooms up and down the North East US. He is also a published author in IEEE, Dr. Dobbs, and IBM journals. 

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