Bill Cushard

Bill Cushard
Head of Training


Special Guest:
Jesse Miller
Product Manager | Learndot


Sarah E. Brown

Demonstrate the Value of Customer Education Using Salesforce

If you ask customer education professionals to list their top pain points, demonstrating the value of training would be on top of that list. We should admit that we, as a profession, are not great at using reporting and analytics to derive the insights we need to show that customer education has a positive impact on account performance in terms of products sales, renewal rates, upsells, and product usage, to name only a few metrics that we intuitively believe education influences. This webinar aims to further our ability to make the connection between customer training activity and account performance, so that we can show management how customer education improves some or all of the metrics the business cares about most. Then we will show examples of how this can be done in Salesforce, if your LMS and Salesforce are integrated the right way.

In the webinar, you will learn about the following:

  • How to link customer training activity with account performance.
  • Ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Not only will we show you conceptually how to link training activity with account performance, but we will show you examples in Salesforce. Join ServiceRocket product manager Jesse Miller show you how to integrate an LMS with Salesforce to way beyond just tracking training sales, and how you can use Salesforce to show the value of training. 

Date: Tuesday, October 25

Time: 10:00am PT


Watch the Webinar

Recorded: October 25 at 10am PT