Using Agile Methodology to Predictably Build Better Customer Training

Developing courses is hard. It is time consuming and since software moves so fast, it is common for a course to be released and have the software change enough to make parts of the course irrelevant. What's even worse is that during this time, customer needs could have changed with the software, rendering a course nearly obsolete by the time it is delivered. Get the Free eBook

If you are responsible for educating customers, you understand this pain. And you need a new process.

The answer to this problem could be in scrum, an agile process for planning and executing projects. Many software teams use scrum to build software is iterative and highly responsive to customer needs and in a more predictable and organized way. Software training course developers can learn a lot from how software teams use scrum by learning what scrum is, how it works, and how it can be applied to course development projects. 

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Use scrum to plan and run your course development projects
  • Create courses that are more responsive to customer needs
  • Deliver courses more quickly to customers

After attending this webinar, you will have the confidence to go back to your management team and propose course projects that will be more predictable in planning, more iterative, and more responsive to customer needs. 

You might even be able to sell a course before it is finished. It can be done. 

Date: Tuesday, April 06

Time: 1:00pm PT 


Bill Cushard


Sarah E. Brown


Donna Weber
Springboard Solutions

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Live: April 06 at 1pm/13:00PT

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