How to Target the Right Training to the Right Audience

Recorded on August 11th at 10am PDT


How to Target the Right Training to the Right Audience
Using the Technology Adoption Lifecycle

With special guest Anthony Nygren


Anthony Nygren is an expert in uncovering the underlying drivers of customer behaviors, then using that knowledge to develop programs that deliver customer retention and increase lifetime value. As Marketing, Customer Experience and CRM leader at EMI Strategic Marketing, Anthony leads engagement teams that provide marketing strategy guidance and sales-oriented relationship marketing solutions to clients in software and financial services. Anthony is based in Boston, MA.

When it comes to enterprise software training, two-sizes usually fit all: End users get training called, "Your Product for End Users" Administrators get training called, "Your Product for Administrators." It's not creative, but for years it has served as the default training development strategy for SaaS and cloud-based enterprise software companies.

The problem with this approach is that you put people in training they do not need, you screen out people who need training, but don't think they do, and you missed entire audiences because they do not fit into one of your two categories. 

If you are a training leader for an early-stage SaaS, cloud-based enterprise software company, have you considered these questions?

  • Some customers do not want training and do not need it. Do you know who those customers are? 

  • Other customers will not buy your software unless training is part of the deal. Do you know who those customers are? 

  • Some customers have a low tier account with you, and would be a $1 million per year customers, if only you had the training they needed at scale. Do you know who those customers are?

In this webinar, we demystify how to segment your enterprise customers into those who need training and those who do not; and help you determine what training is needed by which segments. 

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