How to Train Customers When Your Software Changes Every Week

A downloadable webinar by ServiceRocket


In a world of short sprints and rapid release cycles, it seems almost impossible to develop training materials that your customers need when you know the moment you finish developing that content, it will be outdated. You know it's true. And so do we. Research from the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) shows that there is an average lag time of 68 days between the time a product is released and instructor led training is delivered. It is difficult (to say the least) to help customers succeed, when you release a new product or major release of an existing product and have training ready more than two months later.

This is a potential disaster for SaaS, cloud-based enterprise software companies who rely so heavily on renewal for their business model to work. Before you throw your hands up...keep calm and register for this webinar. In it, you will learn several techniques for developing training and keep it (mostly) current even though your software changes every week.

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