Bill CushardSpeaker:
Bill Cushard
Head of Training

Lynn ViduyaThought Leader:
Lynn Marie Viduya
SaaS Education Services

Are you running a training organization in a SaaS company? Are your business KPIs still based on traditional P&L models typical of Consulting Services organizations? While these metrics are still relevant, have you thought about a different strategy that focuses on what SaaS companies care about: adoption, renewals, and general product “stickiness”? Join us on our live webinar to hear one training leader’s perspective on a product and pricing strategy that has worked for training organizations in SaaS business models. 

About Our Guest

Lynn Marie Viduya is a proven Education Services leader with 18+ years’ experience in the software industry. Her strengths are in building award-winnin, innovative training solutions and leading highly-successful, award winning teams.

She has joined high-tech Silicon Valley companies at early stages of their growth and built training teams and functions from the ground up, and evolving them into world-class organizations such as Siebel Systems and NetSuite. Recently, she headed the training organization for an early stage SaaS Enterprise Performance Management company, defining and executing a go-to-market strategy, successfully increasing training subscription renewal rates from 25% to 75% in less than a year.

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Recorded Tuesday, Jan. 26