Linking Training and
Customer Success

April 29th | 5:30pm | Faz Restaurant, Sunnyvale

ServiceRocket is hosting an invitation-only dinner to elevate the role of software training in customer success.

Seats are limited to the first 20 RSVPs.

Over dinner, we will discuss various issues related to how we can use data to link training to customer success, including:

  • What data points should we use to show training impact on customer success?
  • What is customer success? How is it defined?
  • What mistakes/pitfalls to avoid when collecting and analyze customer training or usage data?
  • Examples of companies using analytics to show training programs are effective

Insights with Our Guests

At the event you will hear from Tom Krackeler, co-founder and CEO of Frontleaf and Richard Huie-Buckius, Head of Training at Mulesoft. Frontleaf is a leader in the customer success analytics space, while Mulesoft is an integration platform for SaaS. Attendees will get expert perspective from both customer success and customer training, and how the two camps share significant common ground. There will also be an opportunity for networking and open discussion.

So come ready to learn, ask questions, and engage in enlightening and inspirational discussions with your peers.

Faz Sunnyvale

1108 North Mathilda Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089


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Our Guests

customer success with software training
Tom Krackeler
Founder and CEO
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training at the speed of software - richard huie buikus mulesoft
Richard Huie-Buckius
Head of Training 
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