How Training Helps People Buy Your Enterprise Software

Recorded June 16th at 10am PDT


Come Sale Away:
Training is Not Just for Customers Anymore

Thomas Watson, Sr. once said, "Nothing happens before a sale is made." In those days, sales people had power because they alone possessed information, and that information had to be pushed on consumers in order to convince people to buy.

As buyers become more educated and have greater access to more information, sales has become much more buyer-centric. The old adage of making a sale changed to "Nothing happens before someone buys your product." People used publications like Consumer Reports, Zagat's, product review special issues in their favorite magazines, and even the Web 1.0, before making a buying decision. Then came Web 2.0 with user-generated content, peer reviews, ratings, and social recommendations. In today's software market, people want to learn how to use your product as well as what value they'll get form it before they buy. As ServiceRocket CEO Robert Castaneda says, in this age, "Nothing happens before someone learns."

For SaaS, cloud enterprise software companies, it is more important than ever to help potential buyers learn the value they'll achieve in your app in order to move them along the buying cycle.

In this webinar, we will discuss why enterprise software companies should strategically "un-gate" some of their training and make it available to prospects. We will also discuss how to use training to educate the market, generate mindshare with potential customers, and move buyers along the sales cycle.

At the end of this webinar, you will come away knowing how to use training right away to educate prospects and generate qualified leads.

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