Bill Cushard

Bill Cushard
Head of Training


Special Guest:
Seth Payne
Principal Product Manager


Sarah E. Brown

Hands-on Customer Education:
From Lectures to Learning by Doing

If most customer education leaders could wave a magic wand and transform their training offerings to achieve the ultimate delivery strategy, it would be to create training that is both scalable and provides customers an opportunity for hands-on practice. In other words, with our limited resources and high demand for product education, most customer education professionals want to deliver on-demand and self-paced training with a structured method for hands-on practice on the product.

This is an enormous challenge that certainly will not happen overnight. However, it is possible with the right plans and the right tools.

In this webinar, we are joined by special guest, Seth Payne, principal product manager at Skytap, who will talk to us about how to take on the journey of going from a world based primarily on one-way, instructor-led training (onsite or virtual) to a world of on-demand, self-paced, hands-on customer education using virtual on-demand training lab environments.

Date: Tuesday, December 6th

Time: 10:00am PT 

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Recorded: Dec. 6, 2016

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